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TCM Beauty Self Care at Your Fingertips

By Barbara Poczyniak, R.Ac

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Glowing Skin From Within Workshop Series

This January, I’m teaming up with Darou Wellness to present a 3-part seminar series focusing on Facial Self Care based on the principles and practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine Cosmetology. Glowing Skin From Within will be a live online series, held on Wednesdays over 3 weeks:

Wednesday 20th,  27th January and 3rd February 2021 

It will include a copy of each week’s video to rewatch and practice along to. Best of all – these recommendations and routines will have a “2-for-1” benefit of relaxing the mind, melting away stress as well as boosting facial health and appearance.

Winter is a time to go deep within, conserve our energies, nurture and take care of our face, body and mind. Due to the pandemic, this winter is really like no other – so why not use this down time to nourish your skin and maintain a natural, healthy glow?

In my work as a Registered Acupuncturist, I regularly share tips, techniques and guidance for self care that clients can do on their own at home. These  simple care practices work well in between cosmetic acupuncture appointments. My goal with this virtual workshop is to present you with this for your own self care toolkit.

As with all things in Traditional Chinese Medicine, beauty is a holistic, whole body approach – health, aging and beauty preservation are all connected. We’ll briefly touch on the TCM view of organ systems, how they relate to skin health, and what your face may be secretly trying to tell you.

Then we’ll delve into TCM’s classic hands-on self care methods with demos and tutorials for you to follow along with.


Facial Acupressure

Discover practical self care applications with the tools that you already have – your hands! Facial acupressure is a safe and effective self care modality, that can be practiced by anyone with great results. I’ll explain what to expect with acupressure, how to successfully perform it on yourself, point locations and a routine for a full acupressure facial.


Facial Gua Sha Massage

Gua Sha massage can be a game changer for self care – if you know how to effectively use the tools for a complete neck, head and face self treatment.

In my experience, there is a lot missing in many of the product demos that are commonly found online – which can be frustrating, misleading and might lead to you to think that gua sha does not work!

I’d like to make sure you’re getting the most out of these tools, and I’ll include my best tips for a complete neck and face gua sha massage routine.


Masks and Facial Treatments from TCM Cosmetology

Chinese Medicine Cosmetology has numerous home care remedies for masks, including combining ingredients you probably already know and have with a few traditional items that may be new to you. All of these suggestions integrate beautifully with the hands-on treatments such as facial acupressure, etc. I’ll cover several classic recipes that use natural ingredients and help nourish skin in the cold winter months.


TCM Beauty Nutrition

Chinese Dietary therapy is itself a complete “pillar” of TCM treatment – it is a huge part of skin care and aging beautifully. Nutrients to help clear skin congestion, encourage collagen production and brighten dark spots will all be discussed, along with some recipes and suggestions that are easy to implement and follow.


Blending Your Own Facial Massage Oil

Facial massage requires good quality oil. Sure you can simply use one of the bottled beauty oils but why not have some fun and make your own? I’ll make suggestions for single note oils based on skin type, and 3 recipes for blends that you can easily source and make at home.


Who should take this workshop?

Whether you are new to TCM self care modalities, or if you are already using one or more of these methods – I guarantee you will learn useful information to help you feel nourished and taken care of. During this time of pandemic, stress and uncertainty it is even more important to learn new skills and ways to take care of our bodies and minds.

If you are already regularly getting cosmetic acupuncture, this will fit in perfectly as a bridge between your appointments in-clinic. And if you are currently not coming in for treatments, this is a wonderful way to learn how to use some of these tried and true methods safely from home.

About Your Instructor

I’m a Registered Acupuncturist with a special focus on Women’s Wellness as well as Facial Health and Beauty. I’ve trained with some of the best Cosmetic Acupuncture teachers from North America and Asia. I’ve studied Facial Cupping as well as Advanced Facial Gua Sha techniques, and am one of only a few certified Qi Beauty™ practitioners in Toronto. I’m a certified aromatherapist and am formulating a line of natural products based on TCM beauty principles.

But beyond that – I’m also a true self care devotee – and have spent years exploring and trying out the ancient beauty secrets of Traditional Chinese Medicine on myself and in the clinic.

Interested in adding the ancient wisdom of TCM Cosmetology to your facial self care toolkit?

Join my upcoming 2021 workshop series, being held in partnership with Darou Wellness Integrative Health Clinic.

Barbara Poczyniak, R.Ac

Hi, I'm Barbara

I'm a Registered Acupuncturist and founder of Vital Bloom Wellness clinic.  My focus is on 100% natural solutions for reproductive, digestive and emotional health.

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