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TCM Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the ancient art and science of inserting hair-thin needles into the skin at specific points in order to stimulate a response.  Barbara has been trained in a number of traditional acupuncture styles based on the principles of Chinese Medicine.

How does Acupuncture work?


Modern research has shown that acupuncture works by helping to:


  • increasing circulation by boosting micro-circulation
  • calming and balancing the nervous system
  • helping the body release muscle tension
  • helping the body’s immune function
  • reducing inflammation
  • increasing the body’s release of endorphins (the “happy hormones”)
  • reducing the over-production of certain stress hormones such as cortisol


Acupressure works on the same principle as acupuncture and is often suggested as a simple “DIY” self care routine to do at home in between visits.  It can also be included in a treatment, and is especially beneficial for children or for those who are hesitant about needles.

Cupping Therapy

Cupping is also known as ‘myo-fascial decompression’ and involves using suction force to increase blood flow and manually break up myo-fascial adhesions. 

This is an ancient practice that spans many cultures, but is used most commonly in traditional Asian medicine. 

It can help to loosen tight muscles and reduce tension held in certain areas of the body.

Cupping therapy may be done with glass or plastic cups with a suction pump or glass cups heated with a flame.  The cupping and releasing action helps to increase circulation of blood and lymph to the area, as well as releasing toxins. 

Temporary cup-shaped marks may appear on the skin, but these are not the same as bruising and usually disappear in 2-5 days. 

Gua Sha


facial gua sha

Gua Sha, also known as ‘skin scraping’ is an ancient healing therapy that involves rubbing or ‘scraping’ a smooth-edged instrument along the surface of the skin to produce therapeutic petechiae.  The procedure is not painful, and the scraping motion does not break the surface of the skin.

​When the goal is pain relief on the body – the result appears as pink, red, purple or dark purple dots on the skin and usually results in almost immediate pain relief as well as a warm feeling in local area.  The dots fade after several days. 

When the goal is facial rejuvenation the gua sha treatment is very gentle and does not produce this type of colour.  The goal in this case is to move lymph fluid and gently improve circulation.  According to Chinese Medicine theory gua sha moves stagnated blood in the tissues, increasing circulation of blood and oxygen and allowing for a ‘detoxification’ effect.

​In modern research Gua Sha has been shown to have significant immune and anti-inflammatory benefits. 

TCM Dietary Therapy

Healing changes become lasting when various aspects of lifestyle are addressed including food and nutrient intake.  We offer nutritional counselling based on a functional medicine approach integrated with Traditional Chinese Medicine principles.

The right combination of healing foods and supplements can nourish the body’s depleted tissues and glands and set the stage for a true heath re-set. A well-nourished body acts in balance and efficiently manages stress, allowing all body systems and organs to function at peak levels.

Tuina TCM Massage

Tui Na (pronounced “tway-nah”)  is a traditional manipulative therapy that is effective for musko-skeletal disorders and beneficial for stress or chronic pain issues.  It is sometimes also known as “Chinese Medical Massage”.

Tui Na may include range of motion, traction, massage and acupressure to stimulate circulation of blood and energy in the channels of the body. Tui na may be  included at the end of Acupuncture treatments when indicated, but is not available as a stand-alone treatment booking. 

Arvigo® Therapy (Abdominal Therapy)

Based on traditional abdominal massage – this is an external, non-invasive massage therapy that gently stimulates circulation and blood flow withing the abdominal area.  These techniques address the optimum position of abdominal organs and support the healthy function of digestive and reproductive system. 

Learn more here  >>  Arvigo® Therapy

Clinical Aromatherapy

High quality essential oils can stimulate a healing response in the body and mind.  Unlike general aromatherapy, which is mostly for relaxation, Clinical Aromatherapy uses the plant vital energy of each oil to target a specific response in the body. 

We consider the chemical makeup of the oil, dosage amount, carrier method and cautions and contradictions.  

Essential Oils can be applied to the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. They support and enhance a treatment by working on the limbic system and affecting both emotional and physiological responses.

Oils can be used in a treatment alongside acupuncture and/or tui na massage; or on their own as an effective ‘self care’ therapy for in between treatments.

Mind Body Medicine

A combination of visualization, breath techniques and meditation is a powerful method of reducing stress and making changes at a deeper level. 

It does not have to difficult or complicated.  It does not require becoming spiritual or believing in anything that you do not wish to incorporate into your life.  We teach you easy to do methods utilizing imagination and relaxation techniques that will calm your mind and trigger the body’s innate healing response.