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Our special focus is on Women’s Health at all stages of life, including Reproductive Health and Fertility.  As Integrative Healthcare Practitioners, we are trained to treat a wide range of health issues and can help in the following areas of care.

womens health

Women’s Health


At Vital Bloom Wellness, we are knowledgable about how a woman’s body functions, and how Chinese Medicine is ideal to help restore health and harmony.  We offer effective natural therapies to support reproductive, digestive and emotional health concerns that affect women in particular.


fertility acupuncture

Fertility & Reproductive Health


Each person’s journey to parenthood is unique. You deserve a custom made plan to optimize fertility and prepare for a healthy pregnancy. In cases of suboptimal or “unknown” infertility addressing the root cause of a health challenge is a key factor in Traditional Medicine.  This wholistic approach often results in healing at a much deeper level.


emotional health acupuncture

Emotional Health


Traditional medicine treats the person as a whole. Body and mind are interwoven, and emotional wellness is always an important aspect of overall health. We can help feel more like yourself – whether you’d like to improve your mood and energy, or are dealing with the stress a chronic health concern.

pain relief acupuncture

Pain Relief

Acupuncture and adjunct therapies can help bring relief for both acute and chronic pain conditions.  Traditional medicine approaches pain relief by addressing the whole person, not just a bandaid measure.

facial acupuncture

Facial Care & Rejuvenation


Natural skin care based on Traditional medicine, includes both the outer appearance as well as the inner health and harmony of the person. Unlike Botox or other invasive remedies, these gentle modalities are much more than just an aesthetic treatment.