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Endometriosis Naturally

Healing Scar Tissue Naturally

Endometriosis can often be a complex, frustrating condition.  Are you looking for a more holistic approach?  Whether you are newly diagnosed or have already tried many other options, we can offer support to relieve the many symptoms of endometriosis.

Endometriosis is more than “just a bad period”

Approximately 1 in 10 women are diagnosed with Endometriosis, but the actual numbers may be higher.  It is often called “The Invisible Illness” as many women have been conditioned to believe that “period pain is normal” or worse, told that “they don’t look sick”.  Sadly, sometimes women are still told that “its all in your head”.  Often misdiagnosed for years, endometriosis can be a frustrating condition on both physical and emotional levels. 

Symptom type and severity can vary greatly for each person.  Some women may have very severe symptoms while others have almost none.  The presence of many common symptoms does not confirm endometriosis is present or its severity.


Painful Periods


Endo Belly


Heavy or long periods


Constipation or Diarrhea


Painful Intercourse


Difficulty getting pregnant

At this time the only guaranteed diagnosis is if evidence of endometriosis can be seen during a laparoscopic surgery.  ​Most of the time surgery is not the first option to consider. If your doctor strongly suspects endometriosis the conventional treatment options range from  prescription pain medications to hormonal medications to excision surgery.  

What is Your Endo Story?

What if there was an Effective Natural Approach?


One that can help boost overall health plus deal with the pain and symptoms of endometriosis

A holistic approach means looking at many factors that may be contributing to your endometriosis symptoms – including your overall health history, lifestyle and how the condition has progressed for  you.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the ultimate goal is to alleviate your symptoms on a deeper level –  by addressing the root cause of the issue. 

Less Pain & Inflammation

Less Bloating, Better Digestion

Balanced Mood, More Energy

A Powerful Combination of Therapies

Many women are looking for a more holistic, natural approach in addition to what they are being offered by their physicians. Since each woman’s endo (and life) are unique – there are a number of factors to consider when choosing treatment. 

Your doctor may not know about the natural therapies that are available to you, or simply not be willing to make these recommendations. Most physicians will tend to prescribe only what they know best.  Combining aspects of conventional treatment with a more holistic, natural approach may often be the most effective for many women.

We offer tried and true natural methods that work especially well to treat the symptoms of Endometriosis.


Calm stress, promote circulation, help to balance healthy neuro-endocrine communication and relieve pain.

Abdominal Therapy

A gentle massage to promote healthy blood, lymph and energy flow to the reproductive and digestive systems.

TCM Nutrition

Replenish with targeted nutritional support based on a ‘whole-body’ approach.

Stress Reduction

Focus on calming the nervous system to help reduce pain and inflammation.

Is this Right for You?

Meet with us to learn more about what we offer and how we can help you.  

Feel like you’ve already tried it all?  Our complimentary discovery session is the easy first step to deciding if this is the right approach for you.

What to Expect

Book a Free Consultation
  • ​Meet with us to discuss your current situation and health goals.  This is a virtual meeting or phone call.
  • Ask us any questions you may have about what we can offer and what to expect.
  • There is no obligation if you decide not to continue.
  • The next step is your complete intake and first treatment. 
First Visit and Treatment
  • After a full health intake we’ll put together your treatment “plan of action”. Your first visit also includes a full treatment. 
  • Acupuncture and/or Arvigo® Therapy treatments are available and can be combined or booked separately. 
  • We include nutrition and lifestyle suggestions based on the best traditional remedies and evidence based research.
  • Easy to follow directions for relaxing self care methods you can implement at home.  This helps along your progress in between visits.​
  • Receive guidance on Mind-Body techniques to improve your mood and sleep as well as reduce stress levels.
Ongoing Treatment and Results
  • Customized treatments based on what you need at each visit.​
  • Each treatment will leave you feeling de-stressed and refreshed as you make progress towards your goal.​
  • As treatments progress: improved energy, digestion and sleep patterns, less pain and improved mood and focus.
  • At the beginning we may need to space your visits close together in order to get the best results.
  • Later, visits are spaced further apart as improvements progress.
  • Our ultimate goal is to see you healthy and well, so that you are happy to naturally refer friends and family to us too.

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Can Endometriosis be treated with Acupuncture?

It is a holistic approach that also considers overall emotional health, and can help to reduce the pain and stress that is associated with endometriosis, or possible subfertility. 


Important: A holistic, natural approach to managing endometriosis may work differently for every woman. Regardless of which natural methods you choose to incorporate into your life it is still very important to receive continued care and checkups from your doctor.  Our approach is meant to help manage the symptoms of endometriosis, it is not meant as a cure or as a substitute for your doctor’s care.