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Barbara Poczyniak, R.Ac

Barbara Poczyniak, R.Ac

Registered Acupuncturist, Clinic Founder

My aim is to meet clients at where they are at and to help them achieve their goals – whether that be a regular, painless period, a healthy conception and pregnancy or an easy transition through all of life’s stages.

I incorporate Traditional Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®​ in treatments to address a wide range of health concerns.  These safe and natural therapies support the body’s innate healing intelligence.

My background is in Traditional Chinese Medicine, with advanced studies in women’s health and acupuncture. I’ve studied and interned with numerous experts in this field and have helped hundreds of clients successfully overcome issues with pain, stress, reproductive health and digestion.

I look forward to meeting you, and being a part of your journey in health.

– Barbara

Arvigo Therapy
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"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished."

– Lao Tzu

Select Credentials & Training

  • Registered Acupuncturist (R.Ac) in good standing with the CTCMPAO
  • Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Arvigo Institute – Levels 1, 2 and Advanced Pregnancy Care
  • Internship & Studies at Canadian Gynecology Institute of Chinese Medicine
  • International Cupping Therapy Association
  • Qi Beauty™
  • Mei Zen Acupuncture

How Acupuncture Helped Me

My own experience with endometriosis has been the basis for a longstanding interest in women’s health.  It is what led me to study Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in the first place.   I’ve always wanted to focus on the particular health needs of women, and especially with issues that are not easily resolved by Western Medicine.

Throughout my teenage years and into my twenties I had horrible, painful periods.  Doctors advised that this was just “bad luck” but that nothing was really wrong.   My digestion was also “off” and debilitating migraines made regular appearances. I was on and off various medications, without much to really explain what was going on.  Some things helped for a while, other things had unhappy side effects. Eventually I just got used to it, tired of asking for answers. I looked pretty healthy, even though I did not feel it.  I tried to make the best of it, not knowing where else to turn for help.

In my thirties, after 18 years of looking to put a name to my health issues – I found one: “endometriosis”. Surgery confirmed Stage 4 Endometriosis, which meant lots of cysts and painful adhesions.  Putting a name to it helped, as I got to dive in and learn all I could. This helped me feel somewhat more in control.  But I still had to have a second laparoscopy when the cysts returned.

My newest doctor had a special take on things: he was an expert endometriosis surgeon, but also a firm believer in the innate healing power of the body.  He suggested complementary medicine approaches such as diet and energy work alongside conventional treatment.  Finally, the missing pieces started to appear for me … this is when the healing shift really began and the results started to last.  Combining modern medicine with the best of age-old healing concepts was amazing and absolutely fascinated me – so much so that I decided to return to school and make this my calling.  I will be forever grateful to the expert doctor whose wisdom led me to health and eventually to my life’s true work.  Thank you Dr. L!

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