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Are you living with pain or other issues related to Women’s Health?

Are stress or anxiety affecting your health? Has it been a long time since you’ve had a good night’s sleep? Are you struggling with reproductive health or fertility concerns?  Do you crave relief, but are unsure how to start?

It IS possible to feel better in your body … and in your life! You’re in the right place.

Discover safe and effective treatment solutions for issues that don’t always respond well to conventional medicine.

Why choose us to help with your health needs?

A Relaxing Experience

Getting a treatment should be a calming, nurturing experience.  Regardless of the reason you are coming in for – you should always feel better than when you arrived.

Gentle & Effective

Acupuncture doesn’t have to hurt in order to work. We’re trained in gentle, effective needling techniques.  If you’re hesitant about acupuncture needles please let us know.

Understand the Process

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine work in different ways than other approaches – but it doesn’t have to be mysterious. We will go over your healing plan, explain the concepts and what you can expect.


Our office is clean, modern and centrally located.  We offer convenient office hours, with appointment times to work with most schedules.

Natural Solutions for Body & Mind

Helping to heal and promote long term well being.  Gentle therapies that use a “whole person” approach to enhance your body’s innate healing resources.


Calm stress, promote circulation, help balance healthy neuro-endocrine communication.


Replenish with targeted nutritional support based on the ‘whole-body’ approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Arvigo® Therapy

Promote healthy blood, lymph and energy flow to the reproductive and digestive systems.

Vital Bloom Wellness Clinic Reopening

I'm happy to announce that the clinic will be re-opening on Tuesday 16th June 2020. After 3 months, I know that many of you may be missing your regular care and look forward to getting back on track. We've gotten the go-ahead for a "gradual reopening", and will offer...

Guide to Facial Rejuvenation with Acupuncture

Facial Rejuvenation with acupuncture is a time-honoured method of slowing down the signs of aging while also addressing the overall health of the body. Although most women seek out Cosmetic Acupuncture strictly for the aesthetic benefits, it is actually based on a...

How Stress Affects Your Health

Most people who seek out acupuncture are very familiar with it being an effective natural pain reliever. Do you know that acupuncture has a profoundly relaxing affect and can help with chronic stress? ​Stress is now estimated to be a key factor in up to 80% of all...

The Healing Power of Sleep

Ever wonder why Acupuncturists always inquire about your sleep? With every new patient I make it a priority to ask about their quality and quantity of sleep. It is important information even if sleep is not the main issue for coming in (often sleep is not even on the...

Ovarian Cysts: a Traditional Medicine Approach

An ovarian cyst is a fluid-filled sac within the ovary or on its surface. Cysts on the ovaries can be a fairly common occurrence, they are often harmless and will dissolve on their own. Others may cause discomfort or pain if they rupture and bleed. If your doctor has...
Qi Beauty Home Kit

Qi Beauty™ Home Kit Tutorials

Qi Beauty™ Home Kits are the ultimate DIY anti-aging, pro-health skin treatments.

What is a Displaced Uterus?

What does it mean when your uterus becomes displaced? How common is this and should you be worried about it? As it turns out it may be more common than you think, but it is not something most women are aware of.  The uterus is at a woman's centre.  How can a displaced...